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The Studio's at WnyRadio.com

WnyRadio.com is our Internet radio station that plays Southern Gospel, Bluegrass Gospel, and Christian Country Music 24 hours a day. We have been offering Churches and individual ministries time slots on wnyRadio.com to minister to the many daily listeners we have. Many listeners are late  night and a global listening usually happens in the early morning hours (their day time).

What a wonderful way to have "YOUR" ministry "GLOBAL", around the world! 

The cost - offering based only! 

 Your same program will air 3 times per week at different times during the week, so you are assured to have a diversity of listeners.

Many Pastors tell us I just don't have the time for a radio ministry!

If you are recording your normal Sunday or midweek service we can use those sermons to air for your program. Start a series in church and on radio for your listeners or have a special sermon that you promote on WnyRadio.com radio ONLY and more. The ideas are endless to Reach The Lost!

No Extra Work For YOU! 

We as ministry minded people need to consider expanding our ministering to the "WORLD" and not just our local area. The Lord has in trusted us to fulfill our ministry and we need to take it to the people across the street or around the globe. We should never feel that the ministry we have is just for a few but for the masses.

Please Consider WnyRadio.com!

I hope to hear from you, I know you have a "GLOBAL VISION" for the ministry. Let us help you today. Don't say "I don't have time" We will help you and you "will love" the results!

E Mail me today for your time spot!  Markjil@aol.com

Mark Titta
Program Director