Saturday, April 5, 2014


Mark Titta in Studio
 Hi Everyone,

Country Gospel Music is now heard on over 30 stations across the United States, Canada and the Internet. Weekly listener input is wonderful and our song request via e mail and snail mail keeps growing. Thank you for your participation in our program by requesting your favorite artist's.

I really want to thank all of our loyal listeners that tune in weekly to Country Gospel Music. It is because "YOU" tell "YOUR" stations how much our program means to "YOU" that they continue to broadcast it. A few years ago a person visiting one of our listening areas heard our program and went home and recommended it to their local station. That station got in contact with us and WOW! we were on the air in "YOUR" backyard, all because of "YOU". Thank you!

Over the past 20 years we have incorporated our Internet radio station to have Southern Gospel, Bluegrass gospel and Christian Country music along with some great teaching programs. The average listener, listens 3 to 4 hours daily when logged on to our station, that is almost unheard of in any radio arena. The great music along with the teaching word keep our listener's ministered to in troubling times.

Our station is constantly looking for great Christian programs, music, teaching or your church service to share with our very dedicated listeners around the world, which speaking of around the world just to mention a few listeners like,China, Italy, Croatia and other countries who sometimes listen on a daily basis!

What a privilege and blessing it is to bring the music and ministering Word of the Lord to people around the world daily. We may never know the full outcome of the ministry to the world.

In the future we are planning to take Country Gospel Music "LIVE" on weekly. This will involve some further logistics and computer equipment to accomplish this. If any one would like to help financially in this you can send me an e mail at for more information. We appreciate all the listeners that that are lead to help us on a regular basis.

God Bless,